PVN Private Video Network
Have you ever had a family member in a health care situation?

Ever wish you could see and speak to them on a regular basis?

Would you like the reassurance that your family member is in good health and being taken care of properly?

              Well Now You Can!

We are a new Video Conferencing company "Private Video Network LLC" or "PVN" that allows you to see anyone anytime from anywhere around the world. PVN is a premier Vidyo Personal Telepresence Partner that specializes in integrating large scale HD quality video conferencing to the health care industries.

We intend to bring back personal reassurance that family and friends are able to communicate and see one or  another at any time for the purpose of well being. We fill the need for family, friends and doctors to communicate with patients and or care takers via a wireless video conversation or a PVN Personal Telepresence Room hosted at each facility.

In 2009, we are kicking off many new initiatives:

1. We plan to move into two new small and efficient facilities and build a network that supports the health care industry throughout the United States.

2. We are developing our website into one of the industry's most advanced video conferencing sites ever built.

3. We are hiring new sales and operations personnel to support our initiative.

We would like to establish a relationship with an investor that is willing to make an investment of $500,000.00 on terms. This being our first round of funding we would use $120k for business expansion and growth. Another $120k will go towards initial equipment procurement and blanket purchase order requirements. The remaining 160K + will be used for the procurement of office space, sales & marketing and continuous product and website development with 2 full time designers/engineers. Our first 12-month sales forecast is nearly $50,000.00 + and we anticipate traditional funding in early 2010 thus returning original funding and starting a quarterly share until full payment of investment agreed upon is paid in full.

Benjamin  F. Carr
Founder/CEO - Private Video Network L.L.C
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Clarkston, MI 48347
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Christopher N. Bettis
Founder/CTO - Private Video Network L.L.C
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